Peter Morin

I grew up in Hancock, MA and graduated from the electronics program at Charles H. McCann Technical High School in 1993. After high school I studied at Champlain College in Burlington, VT where in 1995 I received an Associate of Science Degree in Network and PC Support. Since then I have been everything from elementary school Computer Teacher, Network Administrator/Engineer, Home Automation Specialist, Bank Applications Development Team Manager, Dental Business Manager, Husband, Father and now Biofield Tuning Practitioner!

My personal journey to wellness began nearly 20 years ago when I was diagnosed with migraines caused by over exertion. I was an avid hiker, mountain biker and all around outdoor enthusiast. This diagnosis came as a great shock since it meant that I really needed to slow down. I spent countless hours at the hospital being examined and having every possible test before eventually being diagnosed with migraine headaches. I did not want to take medication for the rest of my life to try and suppress the symptoms. Prior to my first migraine I had never experienced one in my life. So why should I not be able to cure them and completely recover? It was during this time that I discovered energy could heal. 


A coworker of mine had heard about what I was going through and offered a solution. He worked in our marketing group and was also an energy worker and massage therapist. He taught me how to cure my migraines by sitting quietly when I felt one coming on, identifying the energy associated with a migraine and channeling that energy into the earth. This was an amazing discovery for me but I am not sure I understood the total impact at the time. After I stopped having recurrent migraines I quickly moved on, spending less and less time meditating and working on my spiritual self. 

Fast forward 10 years and I started having symptoms of total exhaustion after any exercise or activity in which I was exerting myself for more than 30 minutes. This was not a migraine but at the time it seemed much worse. I would have plenty of energy during the activity and even immediately following. However, the following day or even the day after that I would be exhausted and unable to get out of bed for a day, two days and eventually a week at a time. I had brain fog that seemed to go on for years. At this time I could not help but think about the energy work I had done to resolve my migraines. The difficulty was I could not identify any energy associated with the oncoming exhaustion. There were no noticeable symptoms. 


Back to the doctor and many, many more tests. I was stress tested and told that I preformed like an athlete. The problem was that the following day I did not feel like an athlete and the test results revealed no physical problems. I visited my doctor every time I experienced this total exhaustion. No test he ever ran showed anything abnormal in my system. He eventually diagnosed me with chronic fatigue syndrome and mentioned many medications that I could use to try and control it. This was not going to be the solution for me. I was going to find a solution to heal without taking pharmaceutical drugs for the rest of my life. 


I began looking at alternative medicine; acupuncture, nutrition response testing, biofeedback, meditation, yoga, and Ayurvedic medicine, just to name a few (a complete list can be found below). Most of these practitioners recommended some type of herbal supplementation. Each of these made a tremendous impact on my life. I was feeling my energy return for the first time in many years. I spent a year or two on many of the recommended herbal supplements.  However, each time I tried to go off of the supplements I experienced a decline in energy. I would much rather take herbal supplements for the rest of my life than pharmaceuticals. In fact many of the Ayurvedic herbal remedies are recommended for daily use. I just felt that I should be able to function without them for a few days or weeks without all of my symptoms returning. Last year I discovered biofield tuning and it has changed my life. After just one session I was feeling clear, more energetic and less irritable. In the six months since I have had 10-12 Biofield Tuning Sessions, I am only taking daily multi vitamins, I have what I feel is a normal energy level and my irritability is almost nonexistent. It was able to clear the guilt and shame associated with emotional traumas from my past.

Look, no one of these is the silver bullet for everyone, you need a well balanced diet, spiritual life, mental / emotional stability, relationships and physical strength and energy to maintain overall wellness. I struggle to keep all of these in check. In fact as I write this I have been struggling for months to get into a daily exercise routine. So do not believe it is easy for me, it takes time to find what works for you. That being said I experienced immediate results with biofield tuning and have seen the same in countless others.

Here is a complete list of practices, in the order that I have worked on them; I try to integrate them all into my daily life:

Guided Meditation


Chiropractic / Nutrition Response Testing


Church / Spirituality 

Ayurveda Medicine - diet, cleansing, spirituality, wellness


Ozone Therapy

Reiki Level I 

Belief re-patterning / intuitive coaching

Earthing / Grounding / Nature Bathing

NES Health

Biofield Tuning



Breath work - Oxygen Advantage